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ELENA ØHLANDER (b. 1988) is a visual artist and muralist working in the medium of mixed-media illustration, currently residing in Jacksonville, Florida. She obtained her BFA in Photography from The Art Institute of Jacksonville in 2014 and is actively pursuing her MFA in Painting + Drawing from the University of Florida. Her work explores identity, individuality, gender issues, societal gaze, and social justice. She utilizes a contrived scenario, characterization of her own likeness, intentional use of semiotics, and the psychology of color to build her vernacular. Her emphasis of hyphenated American identity is used as a comparative lens that focuses on Asian diaspora awareness and unification to society at large - investigating issues surrounding cultural preservation and historical memory.

BARBARA HIONIDES is an experimental multidisciplinary artist. Her work varies between painting realism, murals, and interactive multimedia installation. Her realistic paintings draw inspiration from being a first generation Greek American, capturing ordinary life moments within the Greek diaspora, inspired by the Philadelphia community, where she lived the majority of her life. Beyond realism, her work explores a wide variety of styles and surrealistic imagery, drawing from the subconscious and incorporating complex symbolism and existential concepts. She also engages in community-centered interactive projects, integrating murals, technology, and 3D materials for immersive experiences.

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CAITLIN FLYNN received her BFA from the University of New Hampshire. While attending UNH she sold and exhibited her work. After living and exhibiting in Santiago, Chile, Flynn moved to NYC and earned her Master's degree from Pratt Institute. She worked and exhibited in NYC before moving to Neptune Beach, FL where she has lived for the past 10 years. Flynn currently exhibits and sells her work internationally. Her work is in prestigious collections in California, New York City, and Ireland. Flynn exhibits locally with Stellers Gallery in San Marco. Flynn gathers inspiration from Abstract Expressionism, Wolf Kahn, and the Bay Area Figurative Movement. "Flynn offered emotive abstract ocean scenes reminiscent of Richard Diebenkorn, as well as moody expressionist figures. She imbues all her work, figurative and abstract, with a gracefulness and painterly sensitivity." — The Huffington Post

Born in Tannoura, Bekaa, Lebanon, BALSAM ABO ZOUR trained under artists Mohammed Al Rawas and Fatima El Hajj while she completed her BFA at the Lebanese University of Fine Art in 2008. She received the Alexis Boutros Award for excellence in Visual Arts when she earned her Masters in Printmaking from ALBA in 2012. Abo Zour’s work evolved at Ashkal Alwan, where she maintained a studio space from 2013-2017 as part of its residency program. She had solo shows in Lebanon and joined many collective exhibitions in Beirut, Paris, and USA. Her work was shown at both the 32nd and 33rd Salon d'Automne at the Sursock Museum, where in 2018 she earned a special mention from the jury. She moved to Bozeman, Montana in 2020 and worked out of Beall Street Studios where she found a new love for ceramics and sculpture. In 2022, her ceramic sculptures were presented by the Mark Bettis Art Gallery in Asheville, North Carolina where she was a member of the River Art District. Recently, she joined the community at Bespoke House in Jacksonville, Florida.

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AMANDA HOLLOWAY is an artist, educator, writer, lifelong learner, deep thinker, creative networker/ supporter, and one of the most passionate advocates for young artists in Jacksonville. She received her bachelor's in Photography in Philadelphia and after working for Americorps, went back to college for a second degree in Art Education from the University of Montana. Holloway's photographic work explores the quiet, the raw, the wild, and plainly relatable experiences that humans intuitively share and live through together. She hopes the images she captures speak to her viewers about love, gratitude, honesty, and manifestations of all things real and good. Amanda teaches Photography along with 2D, 3D, and AP Art at the high school level here in Duval County.

In the early 2000s, ANNE CULLUM's venture into North Florida's art market compelled her to expand into national retail, where her work found its way to over one hundred fifty boutiques, galleries, and gift shops across the U.S. By 2010, upon achieving her art business goals, her most tremendous successes followed her decision to shift more energy and attention to her family at a time she was needed most. By 2017, Anne's absence from the art scene and ovarian cancer diagnosis at age forty-three overshadowed any hope of returning to the studio. In 2021, she finally found the courage to pick up her brush again, and today, Anne is cancer-free, her children are grown, and she's back at her easel. Ready to pick up where she left off, painting each new day as if she never missed a beat.

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HALEY MORGAN MILLER is a dance and media artist based in Brooklyn, NY. Her media art and choreography has been presented with: Movement Research Open Performance, Art She Says, Rubulad, Whispers of Rhythm: Art Cake & 81 Leonard Gallery, Estia Day Fest, Spoke the Hub, WaxWorks, Spark Theater Festival NYC, JUNTO, Christina Noel & The Creature, Fabled Narcissism, Marinnovators Science and Technology Festival, and Paraffin Magazine. They have presented films at Saint Bimbo’s Film Church, Anyplace Anytime Dance Film Festival, and FRAMES Virtual Festival. Haley joined sarAika movement collective in 2021. She was pleased to perform abroad at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2022. As an AR filter creator they have designed for fashion brands, musicians, dance companies, tattoo artists, and events. Currently, Haley is the Theater Operations Assistant for the New York City Ballet. She has worked with Stephen Petronio Company as the Associate, BIGMESS as the Operations Assistant, and Yana Schniztler HUMAN KINETICS as the Administrator and Marketer. Her freelance work includes lighting design for Haus of PVMNT, CreateArt Performance, and Whispers of Rhythm. Photo Credit: Alba Garcia Photography courtesy of Valleto Dance


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KIM HURT is an artist, curator and art consultant from Jacksonville, FL. A third generation photographer born and raised in Texas, she studied sculpture and photography at Abilene Christian University. Through surreal depictions of the human form, Kim seeks to prompt the viewer to look inward and examine attitudes toward purity, nature, isolation and the longing for connection. Kim is a former photography instructor at Texas State Technical College in Brownwood, previous gallery director of ARTsee & Shop and currently maintains a professional photography studio in Jacksonville, FL.

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Currently working in watercolor, DANIELLE HELOW is a painter who has a passion for the arts and the simple beauty of the natural world. With a BFA in Visual Communications, she has experience in the commercial world with design, marketing, and brand development. Today, she runs a brand consultancy with her husband Phil while continuing to explore the fine arts. Whether it's painting blooms from the backyard, landscapes from travels, a still life in a day’s routine or fresh picks from the market, Danielle enjoys taking a slice of life and finding the color within. CoRK Artist Member of St. Augustine Art Association Co VP of Workshops and Programs - Jacksonville Watercolor Society IG: @daniellehelow_art

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As a high school artist, I, SKY DAVIS, forcefully entered the realm of art just a few years ago, encountering numerous struggles in my creative journey. With less than two years of artistic experience, I have grappled with challenges ranging from family members offering their own interpretations of my work to fellow students perceiving my art through different lenses. These encounters have introduced tensions into the creation and reception of my work, influencing my artistic process. Additionally, as a female artist, I've navigated unique challenges in aligning external expectations with the intended expression of my artwork. Despite these obstacles, my determination propels me forward as I strive to shape my own narrative within the intricate world of art.

amber lee bio pic.jpeg

AMBER LEE received her Fine Arts Degree in 2011 and exhibits in galleries throughout Jacksonville & St. Augustine. She is currently the Art Director of Bespoke House and advocate for inclusion and fearless expression amongst the creative class. In this recent collection “Introspective” I have been exploring themes around identity. By revisiting the perspective and imagination of the inner child I aim to eliminate expectations and ego from my art.

krista darling bio pic.jpeg

KRISTA DARLING is a visual artist working with insects, bones, dried flowers and crystals to create small scenes of wonder. She received her BFA from the University of South Florida and is a Florida native. Her work looks to bring beauty and honor to the macabre.

burklee bio pic.jpeg

BURKLEE STOKES is a mix media artist. She practices a technique of manifestation art. Burkelee believes that through art, one’s soul can be made new and one’s intentions can be brought into reality.

madison poff bio pic.jpeg

MADISON POFF is a high school senior whose passion for women's rights and equality is intricately woven into her artistic journey. Through the lens of her camera, she captures the essence of female empowerment, shedding light on the diverse narratives of womanhood. With an innate sense of empathy and a keen eye for detail, Madison uses photography as a medium to advocate for social change and challenge stereotypes. Driven by her desire to amplify marginalized voices, Madison fearlessly delves into the intricacies of gender dynamics, exploring themes of resilience, strength, and solidarity. Her photographs serve as a powerful tool for sparking conversations and inspiring action, encouraging viewers to reflect on the complexities of gender equality in today's society. As she navigates her final year of high school, Madison remains dedicated to using her art as a catalyst for positive change. With each click of her camera shutter, she continues to illuminate the path towards a more inclusive and equitable world.

joz jacobs head shot.jpeg

I'm JOZLYNN JACOBS, originally from Detroit and now crafting art in Jacksonville. Transitioning from graphic design to mixed media and painting, my Afro-feminist style delves into the complexities of identity and womanhood, weaving vibrant narratives on canvas.

edmari hernandez bio pic.jpeg

EDMARI HERNANDEZ was bron in Arecibo, Puerto Rico, but she has spent most of her life in Jacksonville, Florida. She was born into an Army family, which allowed her to travel to various places such as Germany, Italy, Alaska, North Carolina, Texas, and Florida. Learning to live in a bilingual home and in a trilingual culture, she discovered at a young age that drawings were a universal visual representation of subjects that could be understood across languages and culture. Hernandez earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of North Florida in 2014 concentrating on Painting, Drawing, and Printmaking, with a minor in Art History; and completed her Master of Fine Arts degree at the University of South Carolina in Studio Art in 2018. Now living in Florida, Hernandez continues her art work practice as it explores a personal connection with the natural environment of her home island and her home state by creating fluid gestures within surreal habits. The subjects of her work can range from figurative elements, mixed in with native flora and fauna, to abstract expressions of turbulent experiences (such as severe weather or underwater submersion).

tierra scott bio pic_edited.jpg

TIERRA SCOTT is a 27 year old mixed Female Tattoo artist in Florida. I was born in Atlanta GA and lived in Melbourne FL until coming to Jacksonville FL 3 years ago. In high school is really when I discovered my passion for art so I taught myself from YouTube and experience. Being a self taught artist has pushed me so hard in this life to be the best version of me and in inspiring others to create . Self expression of my mind has been the best way to connect with myself and the world.

arielyls bio pic.jpeg

I'm ARIELYS CRUZ-MALDONADO , but you can call me Ari. At 17, I'm just starting out as a photographer, and I love experimenting with different styles and techniques. It's been an incredible journey so far, I've been honored with gold and silver medals/keys for my work, and some of my pieces have been showcased in exhibits throughout 2024. Capturing moments through my lens is more than just a hobby, it's a way for me to express myself and share stories with the world. I'm always pushing myself to explore new ideas and perspectives, and I'm excited to see where this creative journey takes me.

riley gasperson bio_edited.jpg

My name is RILEY GASPERSON. I was born in 2004 and I started getting into art around the time I was in 5th grade. My art is mostly made up of digital art work. Most of my work is a mirror of what’s hidden inside myself.

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